Exhibitions are in the Festival Theatre Foyer during the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and FREE.

Claudio Raschella


Claudio has bee taking pictures for more that 25 years. His love for photographing people extends to portraiture, travel and documentary work. Since 2015, he has been the official photographer for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. In 2016 he began photographing fine art portraits of festival artists.


Mariana Mezic


In the last two years, Mariana Mezic has burst onto the Adelaide art scene with her vibrant and whimsical art. She creates vivid large scale paintings of women that are a spirited and beautiful explosion of colour straight from her heart and soul.

Mariana syas she draws the type of women she is inspired by. "Brave, strong, fearless women. Tough-eyed women not to be messed with. Drawing women like that inspires me to keep on being brave in my work".

Working with graphite pencil and languid watercolours, Mariana's distinctive work features bold, hyper-realistic faces surrounded by colourful and energetic scenes with objects that hold small clues, hinting at her subjects' personalities.