Adelaide Festival Centre is thrilled to announce multi-talented television, stage and film favourite, Julia Zemiro will be the Artistic Director for the 2019 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Julia brings a freshness and exuberance to the role, which heralds a new chapter for the festival. 

A large part of cabaret is the MC: Sassy, fiery, charming and deadly. As the host of Rockwiz for over a decade, Julia Zemiro has cajoled and charmed thousands of punters, contestants and professional musicians to move out of their comfort zones and spar, be it on TV or live on stage on five national tours.

Julia’s knowledge of the music industry is broad and sophisticated. She has a curiosity about how so many genres find footing in the cabaret world and brings a unique perspective to this much loved festival. We’re excited to have her at the helm, and we’re confident audiences will love and embrace her ideas and vision.

"My mission has always been to have audiences and artists leave a gig feeling good.

“I love to perform but I love to be entertained and I give good audience. What thrills me about cabaret is the combination of the political, the personal, the sublime, and the dangerous. It can soar in a way that is out of this world. 

“There is dread around us in the world. And we keep trying to find ways to cut through the noise. I look forward to shaping a festival for you big on ideas, emotions, languages and all things shiny. There will always be shiny.”

We can’t wait to see what shiny delights Julia has in store for next year's festival!

Check out the press release here



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