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Mon, 10 Jun 2019, 3:00PM

Sat, 15 Jun 2019, 3:00PM

Sat, 22 Jun 2019, 3:00PM


10 – 22 Jun 2019


Mon, 10 Jun 2019, 3:00PM

Sat, 15 Jun 2019, 3:00PM

Sat, 22 Jun 2019, 3:00PM


Quartet Bar, Adelaide Festival Centre


All Ages


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Uncovering Other People's Stories

Quartet Bar | Monday 10 June | 3pm

Telling other people’s stories is one of the most popular tropes of cabaret, but where do the facts end and where does the fiction begin? How do you present a character and not a caricature? And what happens when they come face to face with each other? Join festival favourites in unravelling where the ideas begin for other people’s stories.

The Life of a Working Artist

Quartet Bar | Saturday 15 June | 3pm

The definition of the working artist may include: hustles; writes; performs; rehearses; hustles even after winning an award; does all admin and social media; hustles; works 14 hour days, no break; holds down other jobs; supports family; supports oneself; hustles. It’s exhausting. ‘But you love what you do? Why should you get paid all the time?’ Bust some myths over a glass or two about the life of a working artist.

Cabaret & Politics

Quartet Bar | Saturday 22 June | 3pm

Historically, it could be argued, cabaret was a rallying call: a place where songs, poems, stories and skits could serve as a satirical weapon for criticism and protest. Does it still? In what new ways is it keeping up the fight? Or is it just a place to sing, get drunk and forget? And why not?! Join festival artists on a journey on which we may discover cabaret needs a revolution.

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