Ali McGregor

“I realised very early in my first season at this festival in 2009, that I had found my heart. After performing with companies and festivals around the world the Adelaide Cabaret Festival was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Every year, I come back and witness genre-defying performance art, intimate theatre, and voices that make my heart feel like it will burst into a thousand pieces. This year, Eddie and I have put together a program of artists that we LOVE. A group of people who are taking this genre and developing it into the most visceral, poignant and sometimes anarchic art form.

Cabaret has a long history and an even more exciting future. In this year’s program we are celebrating everything that cabaret can be: political satire, theatre, songbook songs, storytelling, burlesque and comedy. We’ve also added a family gala to inspire a life-long love of songs, stories and laughter.

I’m so excited to share our inaugural season with the incredibly savvy theatre-going audience of my adopted creative home!”

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Eddie Perfect

“‘What is cabaret?’

After more than a decade of writing, composing, performing (and now curating) cabaret, I still wince at this question. For me, it’s cabaret’s refusal to be defined that makes it such a rewarding art-form.

Ali and I could have used our first program to plant a defining flag in the sand of WHAT CABARET IS, but instead we’ve decided to explore WHAT CABARET COULD BE. We packed our bags, went searching, and this is what we found; a program full of the best cabaret artists working in the world today who, like us, are fascinated with WHAT COMES NEXT. We consider our first program a tribute to what the form can (and must) be; original, smart, intimate and, above all else, immediate. We want you to feel as electrified and moved as we were upon first seeing the work of these artists.

We can’t wait for you to see WHAT COMES NEXT!”

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Learn how the Festival was born and became the biggest of it's kind.
Who's Making the Festival

Who's Making the Festival

The team behind Adelaide Festival Centre's 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.